What I believe about what matters most to our state and our nation.

I have worked nearly my whole career in Southern Illinois. From my boyhood roots in Cisne and Fairfield, I have seen what works and what doesn't, been taught to appreciate what the law can do and what citizens must do for themselves, together. We are still the people who form our government, and only rarely does that governing power need to be in an office in Springfield or Washington.

I believe we in the 55th Senatorial District have a roll to play in protecting our freedoms and way of life, not just for us, but for all of Illinois. The practices of fair and open business, lower taxation and reduced government burden will help everyone in our great state, no matter where they live.

I Support the Second Amendment:

I am a very strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I have concerns about those who threaten or oppose our constitutional right to bear arms. As an attorney, I know the value of clear legal protections of our constitutional rights, and I am well equipped to spot attempts to get around these rights with poorly written legislation.

I am a life member of the National Rifle Association, a member of the Illinois State Rifle Association and a committee chair of the Southeastern Illinois Friends of NRA.

I am Pro-Life:

I oppose abortion and support the rights of the unborn. I believe that human life begins in the womb, and to cut a life short is not something our government should allow or support. Illinois legislature has recently started down a very dangerous path by increasing the allowance of abortion. This direction must be reversed to protect lives and give a voice to those who have no voice yet.

I oppose Government Regulation and Overreach:

Our nation was founded on a desire for self-determination. Individual freedom should be sacred to all Americans, and I believe state and federal governments have placed burdensome laws and regulations which restricts individual rights and freedoms in our personal lives and our businesses.  I favor the reduction of government regulation and elimination of red tape to allow citizens the exercise of individual freedoms.

I Support Lower Taxes:  

Illinois has some of the highest tax burdens of any state in the union. Illinois also recently became the state with the second highest rates of net outward migration — people are leaving our state.

I believe there is a correlation between these two. Burdensome taxation has been an important question since the founding of our nation, and it continues to be today. The people of the 55th Senatorial District need a voice to oppose burdensome taxation.

I Support Business:  

A healthy economy, and a healthy nation is founded on small businesses. The opportunity to make any dream, no matter how small, a reality is at the center of the American Dream to create a life for yourself and your family.

Growth of small business is the key to maintaining jobs and strengthening communities large and small. The economic decline in Southern Illinois, evidenced by so many people and businesses leaving the State, is due to the burdens of taxation and regulation which hit small businesses the hardest.

I will work hard to make Illinois more business friendly. An open, fair business climate that allows for competition and opportunity for small business is the key to stronger, safer, sustainable communities in the 55th Senatorial District and throughout the state of Illinois.

I Support Wise Management of Natural Resources:  

Environmentally responsibility is crucial. Living with the land, and not just off of it, is something people have been doing in Southern Illinois for generations. This means making careful decisions about what our land, water and wildlife can give us, as well as what we can give back.

Fossil fuels, and the industries that provide and manage them, are a part of our modern life. They are also a vital part of our Southern Illinois economy. There is an environmental impact to using energy, but we must be able to use it well and extract it responsibly.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources regulations and Illinois statutes are unnecessarily complicating the oil, gas and coal industries with crushing requirements.  I support the industries and the jobs they sustain, and will fight to eliminate unnecessary restrictions and regulations.

I Support Term Limits:  

I am in favor of reasonable term limits. Our founding fathers did not believe political office should be a life time career. The business of government, of political participation is not the job of men in suits in state capitols or Washington. Running our country is the job of every American every day.

Holding political office is a privilege and an honor. Holding on to a political office for power and connections is a danger to our democracy. Keeping politicians accountable to the people who elected them means preventing special interests or big money players from holding too much sway over a lifetime politician.

Limiting the number of terms an elected official can serve will help them focus on the needs of the people, and of our great state of Illinois rather than focusing on simply staying in office.